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Seven Reasons Why to Buy Solar In 2023

Chicago is known for a lot of things - its numerous skyscrapers, its expansive and beautiful architecture, and that delicious deep-dish Chicago pizza. Chicago is also a big tourist attraction, and it brings many visitors every year. One thing that Chicago is also known for is its continental climate - with roaring summers and abhorrently cold winters. Temperatures have been rising to historical levels in Chicago for the past two years, and as climate change continues to accelerate - we all need to do our part in combating the rising level of carbon emissions.


Protecting the environment and doing your part in the fight against climate change is one of the many reasons why you should switch to solar energy, and in this article, we will break down the lucrative, and biggest reasons why you should switch to solar energy for your Chicago, Illinois home or business.



Saving The Earth and Your Local Environment


As you may know, sunlight can be harnessed in every area in the world and is available every day. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is limitless, clean, and at our disposal.


Switching to solar energy doesn’t just reduce your carbon emissions, it also helps clear the air pollution in your locality. When you switch to solar energy, you begin the process of helping the planet heal, and by using energy from the sun - you have a renewable resource that will provide near-limitless amounts of energy for you and your family.


For your business, using solar energy helps the planet heal from climate change, while also giving your company a better image and reputation. More companies around the United States are moving to more renewable, and cleaner energy options - to display their progressiveness and eagerness to be more environmentally friendly. In doing so, you will gain more notoriety for helping the planet, and you will have an edge against your competitors.


Becoming Independent from Fossil Fuels


Big city charm is abundant in Chicago, but what is not charming is the increase in energy costs. Chicago homeowners and business owners have paid a 56% increase in their energy costs during the winter of 2022 to 2023.


By switching to solar energy, you truly become independent from fossil fuel energy, and you protect yourself from the rising costs of energy. Imagine, wherever you go fill up your tank of gas and it will always remain at the price of $2. While other people will have to pay the fluctuating prices of gas during that time of the year, you will only have to pay $2 per gallon each time you fill up.


By protecting yourself from the rising costs of electricity, you can plan and budget accordingly. Doing so will not only save you more money in the long run but will also reduce stress about your finances.


Reducing Your Energy Bills


This is the biggest reason why homeowners and business owners in Illinois  switch to solar energy to save money on their monthly energy bills. The American household looks to save anywhere up to 90%+ on their energy bills when they install solar panels and a solar energy system.


By reducing your energy bills, you will have more money in hand every month to spend on different bills, and investments, or to simply have fun with your family. The best part is, all the money you save by switching to solar also has exponential benefits for the future of your kids, and their kids as well.


For business owners, you can use the reduced operational costs to develop more tools for your business, or just to achieve higher profit margins. Furthermore, with reduced costs - you can spend more on marketing to show your customer base that you are an eco-friendly, green, and progressive company.


Saving money just feels better when it's in line with a great reason and cause.


Diverse Applications


The energy your solar panels produce can be used for a variety of purposes.


If you have a hot tub or pool, you can even use solar panels to produce heat (solar thermal energy).


In some remote areas within the world, they use solar energy and solar thermal energy to distill water and heat their water as well. If you’re keen on space technology, the satellites that help us with our GPS, Data Technology, and Weather ology are all powered by solar energy.



Making Use of The Federal Tax Incentive


Many homeowners and business owners do not know about the Federal Tax Incentive that you can receive when you switch over to solar energy in Chicago. The Federal Tax Incentive gives homeowners and business owners a credit worth 30% of the purchase price/installation cost for their solar panels and solar energy system.


For example, if you were to purchase a solar energy system, and solar panels and have them installed for $10,000 - you will have a credit of $3000 that you can use towards your income taxes. You save more on the money you earn in your first year of switching to solar, and you’ll be saving on your monthly energy costs as well.


For businesses - this is a huge way to write off your profits. Within the first year of going solar, you will positively increase your reputation within your community, save more money on your operational costs, and you will be able to write off more on the income your company has produced.


The investment tax credit (ITC) available from the federal government for the new year was supposed to give you only 22% of a tax break on the purchase of your solar energy system.


However, our federal government has scheduled a 30% tax credit on the total cost of the system when you purchase the system. Yes, that’s 30% of the system cost as a tax break from the Feds. 



You May Never Pay Another Energy Bill Ever Again


By switching to solar energy, you get the opportunity to combine your solar panels and solar energy system with an energy storage system. An energy storage system stores any unused energy that your solar panels have absorbed throughout the day, for use later at night. Normally, any unused energy will be sent to your utility provider, and they will credit your energy bill for energy you have produced for them.


However, with an energy storage system - you will no longer need a utility provider, you can produce your energy, and harvest it for later use. You will no longer have an energy bill, and your home or business will truly get off the grid.


Low Maintenance Costs

If you would like to know how to clean your solar panels yourself, here is our quick guide:


Products needed: Car sponge, Dish soap (optional), Hose, Squeegee (Optional)


Get a bucket and fill it with soapy water. Regular dish soap will be fine. You don’t need to use soap; water will be just fine as well.


Next, you want to get a non-abrasive sponge, like the ones you use in your car.


Get on your roof (safely) and begin to wipe down the solar panels. You mostly want to get any excess dust/grime or bird poop off the panel. After washing everything with your sponge, use a hose to wash down the soap.


This step is optional, but if you want to use a squeegee to get the panels nice and dry - you can.


* Make sure to avoid using these on solar panels: power washing machines & laundry detergent for soap. *


In conclusion…


If you’re looking to save the planet and protect yourself from the rising energy costs that Illinois puts upon you - switching to solar energy is your best bet. Not only will you save more per month, but you will save more on your earned income in the first year that you switch over to solar energy.


As one of the best solar companies in the great state of Illinois and the Northwest, we at Rapid Fire AI Solar Solutions love helping families and businesses go green and save green!


We are the golden standard in pricing, solar panel installations, and consultations. We’ll make sure you get the best return on your investment when you switch over to solar energy in Illinois.


If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a free consultation - feel free to call us on (312-765-7881) or fill out the form below.


We hope to hear from you soon, take care!

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